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CDPF and MOE boost education for the disabled

Source: CDPF Updated: 2016-03-18
Officials from the Ministry of Education and the China Disabled Persons’Federation met on Dec 8 to discuss how to integrate education for the disabled into the national education reform of the 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020). The two sides agreed to speed up cultivation of professional recovery personnel and realize integrated education and comprehensive development for the disabled. 

Zhang Haidi and Lu Yong from the federation expressed gratitude to the ministry for its great support to the disabled over the years and added that as 2016-2020 will be a crucial period for realizing the national goal of developing a comprehensively well-off society it’s important to help the disabled cause keep up with the times. They hoped that the ministry could continue supporting the disabled. 

Zhang Haidi outlined the federation’s vision of strengthening professional recovery personnel training in the next five years to Liu Limin, vice education minister, and hoped that the program would gain the ministry’s support and be incorporated into overall education planning. 

Liu said that the ministry has always prioritized the cause of the disabled’s development and will carefully consider the federation’s suggestions. The 2016-2020 education plans, of which special education will be an important part, is being formulated at the moment. The ministry will listen to the federation’s suggestions and help advance the development of education for the disabled. It will actively support the vision brought up by Zhang. 

Cheng Kai and Jia Yong, members of the federations’ leading Party group, and officials from the federation’s other departments attended the meeting.
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