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Beijing holds education activities for disabled children

Source: Updated: 2016-08-10

“Children + 365” is a charity project in Beijing held for “children in predicament”. The project was launched at the China Children’s Center on August 4.

“Children in predicament” refers to children with autism, cerebral palsy, mental disability, hearing impairment, or left home alone by their parents.

This project helps 365 children in predicament experience all-sense education in a professional children exploration hall.

The project brings advanced education resources and ideas to many families with children in predicament. It will help children learn and develop happily and healthily as they experience the world around them.

Zhang Liang, secretary-general of the Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons, said that the project is an opportunity to focus more attention on the early education of children in predicament.

The project designed two exploration guides, one for mentally disabled children and another for children with hearing impairment, and released them at the launching ceremony. The guides cover project introduction and goals, family tips, and easily understood methods of extended learning.

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