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CDPF urges strengthening of employment services for disabled

Source: Updated: 2016-06-21
 A conference to deploy a real-name employment system for the disabled was held in Liaoning province’s Shenyang city from June 1 to 2. Cheng Kai, vice-chairperson of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, spoke at the conference. 

Cheng asked employment service institutes for people with disabilities to carefully study the State Council’s instructions in this regard and focus on helping disabled people get out of poverty and increase income. The goal is to raise the disabled to a well-off status as soon as possible by helping them get employed or start a business. Cheng asked relevant personnel to continue giving priority to employing the disabled and helping them begin a business; implement the vocational skill improvement plan for the disabled (2016-2020) to improve their labor skills and employment opportunities after training and to provide guidance in choosing a career; extend employment service for the disabled to various enterprises and units and continue to improve service precision and efficiency; strengthen real-name system statistical management and application to improve their online employment and start-up business service platform; establish a disabled graduate database, offer a one-on-one butler service, and continue to improve their employment rate and increase opportunities for them while strengthening supervision of their labor security and safeguarding their rights and interests at work.  

Cheng stressed that employment service institutes and workers for the disabled should streamline administration, delegate power to lower levels and optimize service. They should take the initiative to communicate with both employers and the disabled as well as carry out policies to help them start up business. The fundamental goal is to help disabled people get employed and get out of poverty through improving services.

Officials from disabled persons’ associations across the country were also present. 

With Children's Day approaching, Cheng led a delegation to visit children with disabilities at a special education school in Huanggu district of Shenyang. The delegation had a close exchange with the school’s teachers and children and delivered festival greetings. 

The delegation also visited a local entrusted service center for the disabled, and studied Dalian city’s efforts in helping them find employment or go into business. 
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