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CDPF holds news conference on poverty reduction among disabled persons in 2016

Source: CDPF Updated: 2016-02-24
The China Disabled Persons’Federation will double efforts to reduce poverty among disabled persons in the coming five years, urged Lu Yong, Party secretary of the CDPF at a news conference on Feb 23. 

Lu said that 2016 is the opening of the 13th Five Year Plan period, a key period to accelerate progress on providing fairly well-off lives for disabled persons. The CDPF will thoroughly implement the new arrangements and requirements made by the CPC regarding work for disabled persons in 2016 such as poverty-alleviation and promotion of progress towards well-off lives.

The CDPF will do more research on the basic service conditions of national disabled persons and their needs, as well as on data application and updates. It will also normalize the communication mechanism through emphasizing the role of people in socialist consultative democracy. The work of the CDPF will serve the country diplomatically and improve the international image of domestic efforts for disabled persons. The goal is to build a basic legal and regulatory framework to safeguard the human rights of disabled people. 

Invited to the conference were journalists from many media organizations toward whom Lu expressed sincere appreciation on behalf of the CDPF chairwoman Zhang Haidi for their long-standing support and concern for the disabled. 

Lu hoped the journalists will work hard to do more in-depth reporting on the key topics and models in the work for disabled persons by using both domestic and external publicity, internal government references and public input, as well as traditional and new media stragegies. 

The journalists offered their opinions and suggestions on publicizing disabled people’s affairs in 2016.
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