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CDPF studies life improvement work for the disabled in Tianjin

Source: Updated: 2016-05-10




Cheng Kai, vice president of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, led a research delegation to Tianjin from April 21 to 22. The delegation attended a seminar on speeding up the process of realizing a well-off life for those with disabilities. The seminar was held by Tianjin government’s work committee for the disabled. The local disabled persons’ association reported Tianjin’s measures and goals in that regard for the 2016-2020 period. The delegation reviewed the city’s basic services for the disabled and its special research findings on their needs. Cao Xiaohong, vice mayor of Tianjin, hosted the meeting and delivered a speech. She asked relevant departments to ascertain the delegation’s opinions and meet their requirements. Officials from the Tianjin government’s work committee were present. 
The delegation noted that the city achieved a lot for the disabled during the 2011-2015 period, thanks to the local government’s support. Local disabled personnel have received increased benefits and their life condition has been continuously improved, making Tianjin a model nationwide. The delegation hoped that Tianjin will continue to accelerate life improvements for those with disabilities and carry out various requirements from the Central Government, the State Council and the Tianjin government. They hoped that Tianjin will take advantage of major opportunities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area’s coordinated and innovative development to continuously improve and safeguard policies for the disabled, strengthen legalization of their rights and establish necessary supportive procedures. The delegation urged the city to keep up work for the disabled with local economic, innovative, environmental and cultural development. They encouraged the city to offer new experiences for other parts of the country and be a model in helping the disabled live a well-off life. Cheng stressed that local disabled persons’ associations at all levels should continue to strengthen grassroots organizational and work style development. 
Cao said that the Tianjin government has always focused on improving life for the disabled and has continued to step up efforts in support. With accelerated local economic and social development, living conditions of the disabled have continuously improved. Based on the data from the delegation, many things are still left to be desired. Cao asked the city to review the data and take care of everything that needs to be improved to ensure everyone with disabilities can enjoy the benefits of reform and keep up with Tianjin’s advancing development.  
The delegation visited a local community for the disabled, a special education school and a facility that helps those with disabilities escape poverty by raising bees. They visited disability workers and families of the disabled and offered suggestions on implementation of various policies. 
Officials from the CDPF and Tianjin’s disabled persons’ association were present during the visit. 
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