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CDPF and NHFPC survey poverty alleviation in Qinghai province

Source: Updated: 2016-11-16

Survey group member interviews a village secratary. [photo/]
The China Disabled Persons’ Federation and National Health and Family Planning Committee organized a survey group to inspect poverty alleviation work in Qinghai province from October 23 to 28.
Survey group visits local poor household. [photo/]

The survey group randomly selected 10 counties for inspection and conducted one-to-one interviews with local officials.

The survey group interviewed 143 local officials, 32 villages in 32 counties, and 102 poor households to learn about poverty alleviation conditions in Qinghai province. The survey group was impressed by the achievements made by local governments, and was confident of more progress in the future.

The survey group also visited the Qinghai Disabled Persons’ Federation, hospitals and a rehabilitation employment service center for the disabled.

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