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Hechi relocates 5,228 farmers as part of anti-poverty programs

Source: Updated: 2018-11-14

A total of 5,228 farmers in poverty-stricken areas of Jinchengjiang district in Hechi, Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region were relocated to ensure they would have better lives in urban areas.

Yang Xiuzhen, a 52-year-old low-income peasant with hearing disabilities in Yuandong village, Baoping town, remained single for years because of his bad economic conditions. Over the past few years, he has worked odd jobs with low incomes.

Thanks to the precision poverty alleviation strategy, Yang got married and was relocated to a new home with the help of the Jinchengjiang government, and was issued a certificate of disability, which means he can claim related subsidies provided by the government. In 2017, Yang got out of poverty and began to lead a better life.

Secretary of the Baoping town committee of the Communist Party of China (left) talks with Long Yusha. [Photo by Li Muhang/]

Aiming to help 7,067 people get rid of poverty this year, the district devoted itself to completing the tasks on time and ensuring that people can become better off in their new homes, said the local government.

Secretary of the Baoping town committee (left) conducts an interview. [Photo by Li Muhang/]


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