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Nursing with a serious disablility

Source: Updated: 2016-05-17
Chen Jianmei runs a nursing home in the city of Handan, Hebei province and has worked in the field of nursing for 10 years though she lost both of her legs in a car accident 11 years ago.

In fact, Chen was a doctor in a factory for 21 years before the car accident paralyzed her and changed her life

But she did not want to waste her education and all her knowledge and skills, and she still had her two hands and wanted to do something for the elderly. So, she set up a nursing home for senior citizens in 2006, and called its “Kind Cloud”, and began welcoming elderly people who had no family and had disabilities.

Chen only charges these people a little and tries to do everything she can to help them. She has 30 of the elderly, 10 disabled people, and 5 nursing staff, and she herself is both nurse and doctor. And she often gets up at midnight to help the elderly and helps to clean them, or massage them, and treat their aches and pains. She’s always there when needed.

Chen says that it gives her a sense of relief to help the elderly with her own hands and she will continue along this path as long as she is able to.

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