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Tang Kun: a lover of extreme sports

Source: Updated: 2016-11-09

Tang Kun, a paraplegic, climbed to the top of Harling Mountain in Canada in 2012. Tang is a big fan of extreme sports, believing that as long as you have a dream, there will be others to help you achieve it.

Tang was born in 1978, and moved to Canada when she was 12 with her parents. In 2001, she had a car accident which resulted in her paraplegia. She felt hopeless at first, but realized one day that though she couldn’t move by herself, she still had a life to live. That was when she decided to do something she never thought she could do and started her pursuit of extreme sports.

Tang’s extreme sports journey began with wheelchair volleyball. She was the only female player on the Edmonton wheelchair volleyball team. Tang found she loved the game; the excitement made her forget her wounds and grief.

After five years, Tang was able to do 95 percent of her daily activities on her own. She lived alone, made money on her own, traveled and cooked on her own. She had already written down her will in case any accident should happen to her. “Accidents may happen, but we won’t experience the best things in this world if we are frightened to start,” said Tang.

After the car accident, some people told Tang that she would be relying on others for the rest of her life. But Tang never believed that, and always tries to prove that she is still an independent person, just a little bit shorter than before.

In 2015, Tang took part in a TV show called “Chinese Dream Show”, and described her dream to visit the Great Wall on her wheelchair. She successfully won the financial support on the show to realize her dream. Tang has a long list of the extreme sports she has done and is going to do in the future, and she will definitely be on the Great Wall next autumn.

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