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Deaf woman sign of success as livestreaming host

Source: Updated: 2019-07-25

Zi Wei, a deaf woman who started her livestreaming career two months earlier, sells clothes via Taobao, especially to the hearing impaired. [Photo/IC]

The 24-year-old Zi Wei is one of the first deaf livestreaming hosts on Alibaba's e-commerce platform Taobao, China's biggest for online shopping.

Because of a bad cold, Zi Wei lost her hearing when she was 3 years old. Several months ago, she came to Hangzhou, the largest livestreaming base in the country, and became a deaf livestreaming host.

Zi Wei's livestreaming begins at 3 pm. She usually tries out about 60 different types of clothes during the six-hour livestream, introduces clothing with sign language, and tells hearing-impaired customers how to buy the products. Now, Zi Wei has more than 300 followers, and can sell over a dozen different items of clothing every day.

China has nearly 30 million hearing-impaired people who face some inconvenience in their daily lives. Zi Wei hoped that what she does can offer more possibilities to these people, and raise awareness and understanding of deaf and hearing-impaired individuals.

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