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Disabled artists perform in Beijing

Source: Updated: 2017-12-07
The 9th national show by disabled artists was held in Beijing on Dec 1. More than 1,000 audience members watched the show.
Disabled artists perform on the stage.[photo/]

Themed as share the glamour, the show presented 30 fascinating performances by disabled artists. It was divided into 5 parts -- echo displayed achievements of the disability cause in the new era; build our dreams showed the self-respect and confidence of people with disabilities as they pursue their dreams; share the sunshine revealed their love for life; splendors showed the disabled’s patriotism, friendship, romance, and love for their homeland; share the glamour depicted the harmonic relationships between the disabled from the 56 minority groups in China.

Disabled artists perform on the stage.[photo/]

The artists told their own stories through special art performances, which touched the audience deeply. The show will be on TV in mid-December.

Disabled artists perform on the stage.[photo/]

The show by disabled artists started in 1987, and has been held every four years. More than 3,000 artists from 31 provinces attended the event this year, delivering performances in popular song, instrumental music, dancing, and operas. More than 300,000 people have attended regional shows this year.

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