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Conference on tech accessibility development held in Beijing

Source: Updated: 2018-04-13

Li Zhijun speaks at the Technology Accessibility Development Conference on March 28.[photo/]
The first Technology Accessibility Development Conference was held in Beijing on March 28.

The event was hosted by the China Information Accessibility Product Alliance (CAPA) and the Information Accessibility Research Association.

Li Zhijun, vice chairman of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and honorary chairman of the China Blind Persons Association, delivered a speech at the conference.

Li pointed out that with the rapid development of science and technology, the need for an Internet of persons with disabilities has grown explosively. Blind people need to rely on technology to minimize the inconvenience caused by disability.

Li said that the conference should become a platform that integrates enterprise needs with the needs of disabled users, and promotes the development of both sides.

Tencent said at the conference that with the progress of artificial intelligence at various application levels, Tencent will promote the opening of a number of accessibility AI technologies.

By using the "Accessibility AI" portal on the "Multimedia AI Platform" for WeChat, the AI technology in the barrier-free field is open to the outside world, helping innovate Internet-related industries. People with disabilities will also be beneficiaries of technological innovation.

At present, the project has put in place three AI technologies that can be used for barrier-free scenarios -- picture-to-speech, speech synthesis, and OCR recognition.

The first professional information accessibility concept video in China was released at the conference. The promotion video brings us a new perspective on thinking and promotes innovation in technology and products.

The first information accessibility professional book in China, Information Accessibility: Another Perspective for Improving User Experience, shows various obstacles encountered by different visually impaired groups, the hearing impaired, and elderly people in using the Internet. It also points out that information accessibility is an effective way to solve these problems.

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