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Theme of 29th National Day for Helping the Disabled released

Source: Updated: 2019-05-16
The theme of the 29th National Day for Helping the Disabled is announced on May 9. [photo/]

The China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) held a press conference on May 9 to announce that the theme of the 29th National Day for Helping the Disabled, which falls on May 19, is “Self-strengthening, get rid of poverty, help the disabled, and share development fruits”.

The theme was determined in a notice issued by the State Council work committee for the disabled together with 11 ministries , according to Guo Liqun, spokesperson and director of the Department of Publication and Culture of the CDPF.  

The notice goes on to require that disability prevention knowledge should be spread nationwide and prevent poverty and disability caused by illness. The government will promote the construction of the care and support system for people with disabilities, and focus on care services for people with severe disabilities and those living in poverty.

Two important goals are to encourage and support people with disabilities to start their own businesses and find jobs and to improve compulsory education for children with disabilities, especially those with severe disabilities or in poverty.

Chang Zheng, duputy director of the Department of Liaison of the CDPF, said that as this year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in order to encourage self-strengthening and the spirit of helping people with disabilities and to demonstrate the new achievements of the cause of people with disabilities in the new era, the government decided to solemnly honor a group of national self-strengthening models, national outstanding individuals and collectives for helping the disabled, and outstanding workers at organizations for people with disabilities. Most of them are ordinary workers who work hard and make outstanding contributions in their work.

The theme of the 29th National Day for Helping the Disabled is announced on May 9. [photo/]

In 2018, the number of impoverished people with disabilities decreased from 2.81 million to nearly 1.70 million. Almost 590,000 impoverished people with disabilities who have working ability and willingness mastered more than one labor skill through practical technical training. About 113,000 poor families got their houses renovated, and 13,000 impoverished people with disabilities received support for rehabilitation and poverty alleviation subsidized loans. The “two subsidies” system for people with disabilities benefited more than 20 million families. Nearly 9 million people were included in the subsistence allowance system, and more than 1.1 million families carried out barrier-free transformation. The production and living conditions of poor families with people with disabilities have been effectively improved, and the majority of impoverished people with disabilities are full of confidence in achieving poverty alleviation as scheduled, Xie Hongde, director of the Department of Education and Employment of the CDPF, said at the conference.

Representatives of people with disabilities shared their stories of overcoming difficulties and realizing their dreams. Representatives of enterprises introduced their practice of helping people with disabilities find jobs and share the fruits of economic and social development.

The National Day for Helping the Disabled is a festival for people with disabilities in China. The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Disabled People stipulates that the third Sunday of May each year is the National Day for Helping the Disabled. The observance of the National Day for Helping the Disabled began in 1991.

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