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CDPF chairwoman attends activities on the National Day for Helping the Disabled

Source: Updated: 2019-05-22

Zhang Haidi meets with Xia Hong, a young woman with no arms who created beautiful paper-cut artworks with her feet. [photo/]

Zhang Haidi meets with performers with disabilities. [photo/]

Zhang Haidi, chairwoman of the China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF), participated in the theme activity held in Beijing's Tongzhou district on May 19, the 29th National Day for Helping the Disabled.

At the district's culture center, Zhang watched the techniques of paper-cutting, making silk flowers, and cross stitching of people with disabilities.

Zhang Haidi visits a service center for people with disabilities on Zhongcang Street. [photo/]

Zhang talked with the artists, asking about their work and lives. Zhang was amazed when she saw Xia Hong, a young woman with no arms, cut out beautiful paper-cut artworks with her feet. She said that the works of people with disabilities are not only artworks, but also express the spirit of overcoming difficulties and self-improvement.

Zhang met with the performers of a special show by artists with disabilities, Canal Dream, and watched the performance together with people from all walks of life. Canal Dream takes the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal as the background, and shows the scene of people fighting for happy lives for thousands of years on the canal.

Zhang Haidi visits families with disabled people living in difficulty. [photo/]

Zhang went to a service center for people with disabilities on Zhongcang Street in the district to learn about the work of the employment base handicraft workshop, the home for volunteers, the multi-functional service room, psychological counseling and legal consultation service, the use of electronic device for improving the intellectual ability of the disabled, and many other intelligent and interesting rehabilitation measures.

She pointed out that using new technology to develop the employment potential of people with disabilities will help their integration into society. Zhang said that we must help the disabled to shake off poverty and enrich their spiritual and cultural lives.

Zhang also went to Xiqianying Street in Tongzhou to visit families with disabled people living in difficulty, and learned about nursing subsidies, home care services and barrier-free renovation. She encouraged them to strengthen their confidence in life.

Zhang said that the disabled people's federations at all levels must enthusiastically help the disabled, helping thousands of families to relieve their worries and create a happy life.

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