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RI honors outstanding achievements in 2019

Source: CDPF Updated: 2019-11-11
Zhang Haidi, president of Rehabilitation International and chair of the RI Award Committee, attends the press conference held in Moscow, Russia on Nov 1. [photo/Xinhua]

Rehabilitation International held a press conference on the up-coming RI Award for Outstanding Achievements on Nov 1.

Zhang Haidi, president of Rehabilitation International (RI) and chair of the Award Committee, announced that the 2019 RI Award for Outstanding Achievements in Innovation will go to María Fernanda Espinosa, president of the 73rd UN General Assembly, the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society, and the Ethiopia Alpha Special School for the Deaf.

Zhang said that the RI Award for Outstanding Achievements, granted for the first time, is a global award focusing on disability and rehabilitation. It aims to recognize individuals and organizations for their significant contributions to or influence on the cause of persons with disabilities, and to encourage people to care about the lives and development of persons with disabilities.

According to the RI, during her term as president of the UN General Assembly, Espinosa was a strong advocator of implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, promoting barrier-free construction globally, providing decent jobs for persons with disabilities, and driving integrated development on a world-wide basis.

The Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society has donated more than 70,000 corneas to over 50 nations since the 1960s to help many recover vision and find hope.

For more than 50 years the Alpha Special School for the Deaf has offered education to hearing-impaired children in a spirit of devotion and humanitarianism.

Mikhail Terentyev, president of the All-Russian Society of Disabled People and chair of the Executive Committee of Rehabilitation International Fall 2019, said at the conference that it is a great honor on the Russian side that Rehabilitation International has chosen to host the press conference in Moscow for this award. Effective cooperation between Rehabilitation International, the China Disabled Persons' Federation and the All-Russian Society of Disabled People has further enhanced friendship between the two nations.

The committee followed the principle of fairness and impartiality in its assessment. It hopes that the awardees will become a role model in their respective fields in the days to come, and expand their influence to bring more benefits for persons with disabilities.  

The press conference was hosted in the Red Hall of the Metropol Hotel, Moscow.

Founded in 1922, Rehabilitation International is an international non-governmental organization that works across sectors for various disabilities. It is dedicated to promoting welfare and benefits for persons with disabilities. It has membership organizations in over 100 countries and regions. 

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