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CDPF coordinates epidemic prevention and employment for people with disabilities

Source: CDPF Updated: 2020-03-06

On Mar 2, the Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) issued a notice to advance the epidemic prevention and control as well as employment for people with disabilities.

The notice emphasizes that the disabled persons' federations at all levels should continue their efforts on epidemic prevention and control, pay great attention to key works, analyze the impact of the epidemic on the employment of the disabled, and implement policies based on their actual condition.

Party members of the federations should lead in solving problems for the disabled and mobilize people with disabilities in the anti-epidemic battle. The epidemic prevention and control work is at a crucial stage, and relaxation in epidemic prevention is certainly forbidden, says the notice.

According to the notice, the federations at all levels should adopt differentiated prevention approaches based on their actual situation, and implement the various prevention measures for people with disabilities that have been introduced.

The notice stresses that the federations should pay close attention to health monitoring and personnel control and continue to mobilize their strength to support the anti-epidemic work in Hubei province.

Federations at all levels should strictly follow the different requirements of low, medium, and high risks in different areas and guide their institutions to resume work and production orderly. Special attention also should be paid to the epidemic prevention situations in service institutions for the disabled and the isolation and care of the disabled and their families.

The notice discusses the impact of the epidemic on education, employment, rehabilitation, sports and other aspects of the lives of the disabled, and makes scientific arrangements to effectively and in an orderly way promote the key work for people with disabilities.

It is necessary to highlight and make every effort to advance poverty alleviation of the poor and the disabled, analyze the relevant data, and formulate and improve a work plan.

The notice points out that the federations should strengthen publicity and guidance in maintaining social stability. In response to the special difficulties and needs of people with disabilities, epidemic prevention and health education should be made easily accepted by the people with disabilities such as the blind and the deaf, and also should be accessible through websites, new media and other platforms.

Disabled literary and art workers should be organized to create literary and artistic works that reflect the touching deeds of the front-line fight against the epidemic.

The federations are urged to promote the cause of the disabled through National Handicapped Day, National Poverty Relief Day, and the International Day of Disabled Persons and tell the stories of how people with disabilities escaped poverty.

The notice underscores that federation cadres at all levels should take the initiative in fulfilling duties, seek truth from facts, and resolutely guard against the practice of‘formalities for formalities sake' and bureaucratism. Those who fail to perform their duties should be held accountable.

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