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Grassroots disabled people's federations and workers with disabilities show grit in virus battle (15)

Source: CDPF Updated: 2020-03-23

Editor's note: In this new series, we share stories of grassroots disabled people's federations and workers with disabilities showing how they are dealing with the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

Hubei province: Staff members of the disabled persons' federation and the disabled work at the anti-pandemic front line

On Mar 8, 221 cases of anti-pandemic materials worth 105,000 yuan ($15,011) donated by 1,800 members of the Sichuan office of the China Council of Lions Clubs arrived at communities in Qiaokou district, Wuhan.

Mao Jiandong, deputy director of the Hubei Disabled Persons' Federation, led members of the grassroots working group to cooperate under heavy rain with community workers and volunteers to send the materials to 221 disabled people in the community.

He Qi is a community grid volunteer with disability from Yangxin county, Huangshi city.

At the beginning of the pandemic, she was responsible for the pandemic prevention and control work of more than 470 households and 1,003 people in her community. She conducted door-to-door inspections and temperature measurements.

He climbs up and down more than 10 buildings every day, going out at 7 am and getting home at 10 pm. She eats only bowls of instant noodles with her colleagues as lunch. Although tired from work, she never complains.

In addition, the Tianmen Disabled Persons' Federation has launched a "cloud service" platform, conducting remote training for home-based disabled employees, teaching them e-commerce knowledge and providing them with Alibaba Cloud customer service courses. Seventeen trainees have applied for Alibaba Cloud customer service positions.

Inner Mongolia autonomous region: Online lessons during the pandemic

Rehabilitation institutions in Inner Mongolia have provided online training courses for children with autism, Down syndrome and other disabilities to ensure that they will receive education despite suspension of schools

In Inner Mongolia, the hearing and speech rehabilitation center has a group of "older students" in teacher Ge Jing's online class. The "students" are the parents of hearing-impaired children.

On March 2, when Ge provided a rehabilitation course for 21 hearing-impaired children, she found that the children's hearing aids sometimes did not receive sound. So she immediately adjusted the system and told the parents of the students, and then taught the children one by one. The effect now is significantly better.

Parents reported that there are few teaching aids at home and they are difficult to purchase. In response to the problems, teachers try their best to use what can be found in daily life to design the course.

In the Ordos special education school, in addition to rehabilitation training courses, online courses in Chinese, mathematics, handicrafts, and painting were launched in February with teaching method tailored to the students' personal circumstances.

The special education class of Dayingzi primary boarding school in Linxi county, Chifeng city uses WeChat groups to guide parents to remind their children to do some housework within their ability.

Liaoning province: Actively respond to the pandemic and prepare for resumption of work and production

In Shenyang city, the disabled service center has set up an online recruitment service platform for the disabled and opened an online employment service column.

As of Mar 2, 191 employers were involved. Forty-two disabled people had refreshed their filed resumes, ready to browse 822 positions. More than 160 resumes have been filed overall.

On Mar 10, the center, together with a training school, held an online vocational skills training course on the platform for the disabled to improve their individual employment and entrepreneurship ability.

Meanwhile, the Fushun Disabled Persons' Federation urged enterprises not to dismiss disabled workers due to the impact of the pandemic, and not to reduce their wages and salaries.

Following good work in pandemic prevention and control, it is necessary to prepare for resumption of work and production in an orderly manner, and to coordinate the difficulties faced by enterprises because of the pandemic.

Up to now, 28 employment training bases for disabled people in Fushun city have not dismissed any disabled workers, and 11 bases have returned to work after strict implementation of prevention and control measures.

The provincial disabled persons' federation sent six staffs to Xinbin county to keep in touch with the disabled people's agricultural agencies under the closed management of villages and townships.

They give timely information on resumption of work and production at all levels, provide information to help the agencies study the development trend of cultivation and livestock industries, and solve anticipated problems of unsalable agricultural and sideline products such as fertilizer caused by poor sale channels and a shortage of raw materials.

Jilin province: Coordinate pandemic prevention and rehabilitation training

In Jilin province, the hearing and speech rehabilitation institutions at all levels make full use of social media like WeChat, QQ, Dingtalk and other internet platforms, combine with intelligent information work systems of the disabled persons' federation, and carry out various forms of rehabilitation teaching activities such as one-to-one guidance and personalized rehabilitation planning. They provided parents guidance to use the resources in the best way for family rehabilitation training.

In addition, family rehabilitation training for hearing-impaired children is also adopted with teachers answering parents' questions about tutoring their children. Livestreaming is also adopted by the teacher to interact with hearing-impaired children and their parents online, which helps the teacher to carry out group classes, parent-child classes, and speech correction rehabilitation training.

Meanwhile, all the professional and technical personnel of hearing and language rehabilitation in the province participated in online professional training courses through a network college, which raised their awareness and literacy in pandemic prevention and rehabilitation.

Heilongjiang province: Workers with disabilities carry out voluntary services                 

On Mar 5, the Heihe Disabled Persons' Federation organized its staff to carry out voluntary services for residents in the community.

There are three disabled elders living alone in the community, and it is difficult to buy daily necessities for them. The Party members and cadres of the federation purchased rice, soybean oil, eggs and other products and sent to them.

In order to ensure the travel safety of residents in the community, the federation organized all employees to clear the ice and snow in front of 10 units of three residential buildings and two roads in the community, which won the unanimous praise of residents.

The Suihua Disabled Persons' Federation actively implemented the employment policies for people with disabilities and took a number of measures to minimize the impact of the pandemic on poverty alleviation.

From Feb 29 to Mar 3, chartered planes in Hailun city exported 870 rural workers to Ningbo city, Zhejiang province. Twenty-three of them were disabled people hired by five companies in Ningbo.

Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region: Special legal publicity for pandemic prevention and control into communities and rural areas

The Hezhou Disabled Persons' Federation carried out various forms of legal publicity on pandemic prevention and control for the disabled and their supporting workers, promoted the law of pandemic prevention and control into communities, villages, networks, families and institutions, and contributed to building a strong legal basis and a good social atmosphere for pandemic prevention and control.

The federation has used its website and official WeChat account to promote typical cases of pandemic prevention and control, organized voluntary vehicles to publicize anti-pandemic measures in the countryside, and guided the disabled to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

In addition, it has helped the disabled solve difficulties and problems in their daily life.

Yunnan province: Workers for people with disabilities protect lives of the disabled

In Kunming city, 78-year old Hong is the mom of a hospitalized mentally disabled person. The staff of the disabled persons' federation sent rice, oil and fresh vegetables to Hong's home.

Liu's parents died when he was a child, and he lives alone. Shen, a commissioner for people with disabilities, went to Liu's home to help him and provide volunteer services if he had any needs.

Wang Huihua, a family member of a disabled person in the community, actively joined the volunteer team, participated in the guard work of the unattended community, helped the community staff to put up posters, and assisted in the registration of the information of the people returning to Kunming.

Yan Miaoda, a commissioner for people with disabilities, took the initiative to buy supplies for the disabled and texted 103 disabled people and their relatives advising them to pay attention to pandemic prevention and control through WeChat and SMS.

The disabled persons' federation in Wuhua district and a poverty alleviation foundation jointly prepared one ton of vegetables and distributed them free of charge to people with disabilities and their families.

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