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Determination helps overcome the greatest challenges

Source: China Daily Updated: 2020-07-22
Zhang Chen, a teacher with the Anqing Special Education School in Anhui province, recently received admission to a postgraduate course at Anqing Normal University. Her achievement is special because she is visually impaired. In fact, she is the first visually impaired graduate in Anhui.

Chen lost her eyesight because of retinal detachment when she was just 13. However, she remained optimistic, going on to become Anqing's first visually impaired college student in 2002.

After graduating, Chen went back to the Anqing Special Education School where she studied to become a music teacher to help students with disabilities. Even while working as a teacher, Chen's desire to pursue higher education never stopped. She appeared for the postgraduate entrance examination this year and successfully cleared it. Teachers at the Anqing Normal University helped her with the video-interview that followed.

After she gained admission, the authorities said the university will make a customized postgraduate training program to suit Chen.

In the past, there have been instances when visually impaired students, or those with other disabilities, faced difficulties in taking the college entrance examination. Many colleges and universities even refuse to admit students with disabilities saying they cannot provide them with special facilities.

Students with disabilities enjoy equal education rights. Therefore, it is the responsibility of society and education authorities to help them pursue higher studies.

This year, five visually impaired students-in Shanxi and Anhui provinces, Shanghai and the Tibet autonomous region-sat for the national college entrance examination using Braille examination papers; the two Tibetan examinees used Tibetan language Braille examination papers. Also, more students with disabilities have become postgraduate students in recent years.

It is good to see the authorities pay greater attention to the education rights of those with disabilities. And it is hoped that more students with disabilities would pursue higher education in the future.

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