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CDPF director-general inspects services facilitation for people with disabilities in Beijing

Source: Updated: 2020-08-11

Zhou Changkui, director-general of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, visits families with disabilities in Beijing on July 29. [photo/]

Zhou Changkui, director-general of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), conducted a survey on making it easier for people with disabilities to access services in Beijing on July 29.

Zhou visited communities in Daxing and Chaoyang districts to inspect social organizations, including those for disabled people, and to learn about the measures they have taken to facilitate services for people with disabilities including their visits to families of those facing special difficulties during the pandemic. 

Zhou emphasized that people with disabilities are a relatively difficult group, and service is always the core of assisting them. Service providers for people with disabilities must be able to feel the various difficulties and inconveniences of the disabled if they are to provide the most effective help. 

Service facilitation measures for people with disabilities should be promoted, whether they are door-to-door, online, or of a one-stop nature. Zhou encouraged the Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation to summarize the experience of serving people with disabilities, innovate ways to serve them, and improve their overall satisfaction.

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