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New government document benefits the disabled in poverty

Updated: 2016-03-18
Decisions by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on fighting and winning the battle against poverty was issued on Dec 7, 2015. 

The document shows China’s resolution and confidence in eliminating poverty and is expected to benefit the disabled in rural areas through many supportive policies for the next five years. It has become a leading source of guidance for disabled persons’ associations at all levels. The following are some of the major policies:

--Improve care service system for the disabled. Thorough investigation will be done to learn the life circumstances of all people with disabilities, and an informative and dynamically updated information management system will be built. 

--Expand rehabilitation services and medical aid for the poverty-stricken disabled in rural areas. More medical rehabilitation programs will be incorporated into basic medical insurance. 

--Strengthen service facilities and personnel development of rehabilitation day care institutes and keep improving their management service level. 

--Strive to improve special education in poor rural areas. 

--Improve the welfare system for children with severe illness and disabilities in low-income families. 

--Step up efforts in rehabilitation, special education, skills training and day care services for the disabled. 

--Comprehensively establish medical subsidies for all disabled people and care subsidies for those with severe disabilities. More support for the senior and the children with disabilities or those with severe disabilities to ensure their basic living level. 

--Increase loans for rehabilitation and poverty alleviation. 

--The decisions have also clarified how to precisely reach the impoverished disabled people in rural areas and help them stand on their own feet, encouraging more public spending and social support to ensure their basic living standard. In addition, the document also leaves room for more supportive policies and measures.
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